February 11, 2020 jatc-editor

2nd JATC Interim Meeting, Brussels

The 2nd JATC Interim Meeting took place on February 4-5, 2020 in Brussels, joined by the members of the Ingredients Subgroup of the Expert Group in Tobacco Control. More than 70 European partners participating in the EU funded project, Joint Action on Tobacco Control, met for the third time after the project’s kick-off, in October 2017.

This was one of the key annual events of the project, during which all partners had the opportunity to discuss the JATC progress so far and give their valuable input on the reports presented by Work Package leaders. Among other, partners discussed about the EU-CEG platform’s data quality and improvement options on data sharing.

Partners agreed that outcome originated from the JATC, will be of great importance for further tobacco control actions and for the enhancement of European and International public health, in general.

All JATC participants declared fully committed to contribute to the project’s success. The final results will be presented during the closing JATC Conference, at the European Parliament premises, in October 2020.