September 5, 2018 jaotcadmin

Review: Call for an External Subcontractor_WP2 Dissemination

On Tobacco Control networking at the European level for supporting JATC dissemination actions

The Joint Action on Tobacco Control is calling for an official European/International entity to support actions aimed at dissemination of JATC outcome, project related news and results to European stakeholders.

The general objective of dissemination actions is to maximize the impact of the project by supporting the consultation with stakeholders and the dissemination of the project’s results.

The External partner should support dissemination, as widely as possible, the process, updates and recommendations of the JATC through multiple avenues of communication in agreement and after approval of the JATC Coordination team and WP2 leader. The External partner should work with the JATC Coordination team and WP2 leader on setting up a network of interested policy makers, professionals and other stakeholders at EU level; maintaining communication and dissemination with this network of the overall progress of the JATC and other JATC relevant information.

The content for dissemination will be provided by HCS and IPHS.

The External partner shall perform stakeholder analysis of  regulators, professionals and other stakeholders involved in tobacco control, public health policy and practice. Based on stakeholder analysis External partner shall create dissemination plan for the development and reporting of dissemination activities. This dissemination plan will include detailed information of whom will be contacted, on which occasions and through which avenues and shall include all the methods needed to perform the dissemination activities of the JATC. The dissemination plan will be developed together with JATC coordination team on WP2 partners and shall be approved by them.

External partner will be subcontracted by the Hellenic Cancer Society (HCS) and will have a close collaboration with the WP2 Leader, Institute of Public Health of Serbia (BATUT) and the JATC Coordination Team, Hellenic Cancer Society (HCS) which shall approve all deliverables.

Selection criteria will include:

  • Must be an entity involved in public health research, with a preference to have expertise in tobacco control mapping
  • Must have previous experience in handling dissemination activities in European commission funded projects (3rd Health programme, H2020 etc), with concrete results
  • Ability to provide networking and dissemination activities to the JATC.

The subcontracting entity would be selected on the ability to best fulfil criteria 1-3.

Duration of the contract would be 24 months, starting from 16 October 2018-15 October 2020. The total budget available is 20,000€. The subcontracting will be performed with the Hellenic Cancer Society (HCS) and the subcontractor is expected to have a close collaboration with the WP2 Leader, Institute of Public Health of Serbia (BATUT) and the JATC Coordination Team, Hellenic Cancer Society (HCS), whο shall approve all deliverables.

Interested candidates can submit their declaration of interest to:, cc:, providing a summary (max 400 words) of their participation/ contribution in similar projects by Friday September 21th (end of business day).