Croatian Institute of Public Health

The Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH) is a central public health institute in the Republic of Croatia. CIPH deals with public health, health promotion and education, diseaseprevention, microbiology, environmental health, school medicine, mental health care, andaddiction prevention. CIPH’s main tasks are to plan, promote, and implement measures for the enhancement of population health and reduction of health problems. It prepares and implements prevention programmes and other health care measures aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. CIPH carries out epidemiological surveillance and proposes, organizes, and undertakes preventiveand counter-epidemic measures. It also plays a crucial role in the planning, supervision, andevaluation of immunization. In addition, CIPH performs duties concerned with the analysis and evaluation of water safety and the impact of environmental factors on human health.The institute functions as a statistical authority that maintains national public health registries, supervises data storage, and coordinates the work of other health registers. It coordinates the network of regional public health institutes, actively participates in thecreation of health policy and public health regulations, and engages in international cooperation to improve public health and welfare.

The Croatian Institute of Public Health manages the National Public Health Information System (NAJS) as the main national system in which medical data is collected and stored from the public health registries/ statistics (e.g. cancer, mortality, work injuries,occupational diseases, communicable and non-communicable diseases, health statistics,disability, psychosis and suicide, diabetes, drug abuse). Those registries are linked with the national citizens’ ID registry and can be merged with other medical databases. All databases are reachable with the help of existing SQL integration, reporting, and analytic tools. Data is collected through CIPH’s NAJS system and is shared with the institute’s collaborative institutions. The system enables the management of public health information and processes for recording, receiving, using, and archiving health information. The National Public Health Information System’s registers and health records are continuously expanded and added. The Croatian Institute of Public Health monitors the epidemiological analysis of morbidity and mortality of selected priorities in the field of chronic diseases, risk factors forcertain chronic diseases of public health importance, and participates in the development of proposals for programmes of health care measures.

The Department of Mental Health’s main tasks are a coordinating role for all mental healthservices in Croatia, collecting data, assessment, analysis, and planning of mental health care, delivering guidelines and implementation of strategies and putting the best EBM interventions intopractice. The Department of Mental Health holds the Croatian Registry of Persons Treatedfor Psychoactive Drug Abuse.The fundamental tasks of the Department for Monitoring and Improving Health of SchoolChildren and Youth are. 1. Monitoring of health indicators of school children and youth, 2.Planning, proposing and implementing measures for maintain and improving the health of school children and youth, 3. Monitoring and analysing the health and health behaviour of school children and youth, 4. Conducting international research among school-aged and student population. Activities, which the department is involved in, include the prevention of major health problems of children, which is done by promoting health, primary prevention and early detection of leading health problems in that age group as well as providing the optimal form of education and training for students suffering from chronic diseases and students with disabilities.

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Croatian Institute of Public Health


Jatc Greece PENELOPE


Head of the Department

Jatc Greece KAGKOS


Deputy Director and Head of Division for School Medicine, Mental Health, and Addiction Prevention

Jatc Greece PENELOPE


Head of Department for Monitoring and Improving School and Youth Health

Jatc Greece KAGKOS


Head of Programme and Project Management Department

Jatc Greece KAGKOS


Consultant in the Department of School and Adolescent Medicine Addiction and Mental Health

Jatc Greece PENELOPE


Employee in the Department of School and Adolescent Medicine Addiction and Mental Health




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8 am – 8 pm