April 9, 2024 jaotcadmin

Work Package 7 Webinar “Health impact and regulatory implications of e-cigarettes and novel tobacco products”

Work package 7 webinar

The overall objective of WP7 was to enhance a better understanding of the properties, health impact and regulatory implications of heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes with the aim to support effective information and regulation. In this interactive webinar, WP 7 partners will share and discuss their outcomes with EU-regulators. More specifically, we will share insights into the range of products submitted to be marketed in different MS, and discuss the opportunities and barriers of using data provided by manufacturers. Furthermore, we want to share our obtained knowledge on use, perceptions and health risks of e-cigarettes and HTPs, and discuss the translation of our findings into policy. Lastly, we want to share examples of mild and severe adverse health incidences occurring after use of e-cigarettes and HTP, as reported in several EU MS.  We will discuss and build on the knowledge gathered in a previous webinar on adverse health incidences to determine what a EU wide harmonized system should look like.

The recording of the webinar and the speaker slides are available on this website